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Alain Psychic, Reiki Master & Palm Reader


I was born and raised in the Seychelles Islands in a culture of very mixed nationalities. My first sights of life were beautiful palm fringed beaches, olive skinned women, balmy nights and strange rites and rituals. It was these rituals and ceremonies, like a medicine man giving a healing, the Chinaman dispensing herbs, coloured ladies in costumes performing tribal dances, that stayed in my mind. Their magic and depth of understanding. It seemed so profound, so awesome.

A new life in Australia, high school over, and off travelling to find me, my Truth. Met many interesting people, learned much about life and love. Made some worthwhile mistakes. Planted a couple of trees. Had many real experiences of giving and receiving. Felt what service really means. Became a dad. Figured out the power of humility and the unlimitedness of the human character.

My journey then took me on to gain greater knowledge of the various types of Meditation. I practised Yoga, Qi Gong, Crystal and Spiritual Healing and was attuned to Reiki Master. Past lives were challenging to learn but Psychometry was fun and demanded strong discipline. Was guided to be a Palm Reader and to read the Tarot Cards too. Then came an understanding of Astrology and Numerology. Did an array of classes on personal development, read many a book, studied counselling and attended dozens of lectures. Partook in Healing Lodges, Dance Circles, Meditation Retreats and met numerous notable messengers that I admired and respected.

In 1986 my spirit called upon me to pursue a life as a professional Psychic Reader and Healer. I believe I have something to share. Now based in Cairns, I read for numerous overseas clientele and regularly visit southern cities to further my experience in this – what I call my passion. It is through my Readings, Workshops and Healings that I am most at Home.

Cheers Alain


Reiki, Spiritual & Crystal healings

We all have the power and ability to draw on to universal energy to assist in our regenerating of self. My role in this process is to be a medium and channel to conduit energy from source to administer this to you. Recharging you clears away debris that disallows the psychical and mental body to enjoy the human experience. An hour of reiki, spiritual and crystal healing can zap more life in you and perk you up. Messages from your guides and spirit world can often be passed on if that is what comes through. Healings are done in a nurturing environment for maximum results. Follow up sessions are sometimes recommended. The perfect destressor in today’s busy world.

Combined Palm & Card Reading

Using the power and wisdom of the tarot cards and the magic of palmistry in this reading, I combine those two powerful forces to create a recipe for unlocking very quickly the source of where you can create your own destiny and live the life you can only dream of. This style of reading is strong and full of energy. I focus on educating you to see your higher qualities to help you resolve why you are not prosperous, happy in love, healthy in mind and body. Embrace life with totality is what you will succumb to here. Remember Destiny is self Created.

Tarot Card Reading

Connecting to universal guides and consciousness.
Using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentient and clairaudient, I combine the ancient tools of the tarot cards to give me insights into your life in the areas of career, love, health, wealth, spiritual growth, family, and of course, relationships. Other issues can be sifted through to give you clarity to your most problematic questions. In this type of reading I also combine cards of “jeu de la main” and the tarot. The wealth of wisdom these tools contain will amaze you and to help you understand your life towards a much greater level of happiness, well being, prosperity and peace.


A very powerful medium, also known as chiromancy, palmistry has been around for some 5000 years. Much change and development has taken place in this form of reading. I enter a deep place looking at long ago blocked past lives. Many a person has had huge revelations in these sessions as fears and concerns of this lifetime is revealed through understanding energy that has been suppressed from previous past life times. Palmistry unleashes one to let go the past and live life more happily in the present. Health related issues are also strongly understood in this magical, nurturing style of reading that is celebrating a new popularity.

Phone or Skype Readings

On my professional trips to southern Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast, new clientele often wish to have further readings. Phone and skype readings allow for these and other clientele all over Australia and overseas to easily access my services when they want. Through phone readings I can also provide discretionary service for clientele who wish to remain more anonymous.

Spiritual counselling

In this very revealing hour I will guide you to where you need to go to unlock the demons that rattle in your emotions, that discreate your quality of life to a sometime painful path. A number of sessions may need to get to the seat of what is out of balance, but the effectiveness of this type of work is invaluable for people who seem to sabotage their journey of self realization. Deep meditation techniques are sometimes combined to finish off and loving beliefs are instilled to achieve more positive outcomes in life.

Distance Healing

Energy has no concept of time or space. I am able to treat clientele all over Australia and overseas via distant healing. In a Distant Healing session I will tune in to you and send energy to the spiritual, emotional and physical body where and how it’s needed. A distant healing session is as effective as in the physical person.

Psychic Development Training

These are a series of workshops designed to enhance your natural ability to be psychic. The classes come in one nightly session per week over 5 weeks, or one day workshop, or weekend 2 day training for advance students. Geared to suit the participants, I run small groups, 6 people, to large groups depending on your ability to take in the information at ease. The participants’ response and keenness to learn guide the classes to where it needs to go for the good of all. All areas of psychic development are looked at, such as psychometry, flower reading, automatic writing, remote viewing, the power of intuition, meditation, breathwork etc. and much time is allocated for discussion, questions and answers. I commit to share with you my many years as a professional psychic and nothing is withheld. Being passionate about passing on this wisdom and knowledge is my gift to you. After course care is available as a one to one or professional training.

Card Reading, Palmistry & Numerology Classes

Card reading, Palmistry and Numerology instructions are available as personal or professional one-on-one training. Group classes are available also on application.

Unfolding Retreats (1-5 days)

These come in 1-5 day happenings and are held usually on large out of the way properties in the countryside to maximise the growth of the experience. The retreats take us through a series of life changing experiences looking at our life now and how to unfold our inner beauty and outer existence using tools such as various meditation, art therapy and many other techniques and models to enhance this journey called You! Apart from a pleasant relaxing surrounding, the retreat provides comfortable sleeping arrangements and wholesome nourishing meals (no alcohol is advised). The nature of the retreat is for each person to delve into an honest and truthfull space of integrity and check in with what Is and what is Not. Much is left in the past after this type of work and renewal is celebrated. The bad habits and pain that have plagued us in our history, is now at a point of cleansing as future meets freedom at a place in balanced existence with clarity never felt before.
Not for the faint hearted, but a prize for the ones who are spiritually and humanly conscious.

For current prices check out my website.

My services include psychic readings, healings & workshops through which I engage with you, to guide you to positive change & move forward with your life.

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