Thai Coins

371 Mulgrave Road
Cairns QLD  4870

Phone: 07 4054 2252

Thai Coins


1. fish cakes ~ 4 $7.00
served with thai sweet chili sauce
2. curry puffs (veg) ~ 4 $7.00
served with thai sweet plum sauce
3. spring rolls (veg) ~ 4 $7.00
served with thai sweet chili sauce
4. chicken satays ~ 4 $7.00
served with our thai coins style peanut sauce
5. golden basket ~ 5 $7.00
minced pork wrapped in golden pastry served with thai sweet chili sauce
6. thai marinated chicken wings ~ 4 $7.00
served with thai sweet chili sauce
7. mixed entrée $9.00
fish cake, chicken satay, spring roll,
golden basket + curry puff, served with thai sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce

Thai Noodles:
8. famous pad thai $13.95
stir fried noodles with chicken, egg, garlic chives, bean sprouts, carrot, cabbage + crushed peanuts
9. pad see eaw $13.95
stir fried noodles with beef, egg + seasonal vegetables
10. pad khee mouw $13.95
stir fried noodles with pork, egg, chili, onion, capsicum, mushroom, shallots + holy basil

Rice Dish:
11. Khow pad – stir fried rice, eggs, onion and vegetables
Tofu, pork, chicken, vegetarian $ 13.95
Prawn $ 16.50
12. Khow pad saparod – stir fried rice with pineapple, egg and
Tofu, pork, chicken, vegetarian $ 13.95
Prawn $ 16.50
13. Khow pad boeu – stir fried rice with shallots, cabbage, egg,
onion, carrot, broccoli, and cashew nuts
Tofu, pork, chicken, vegetarian $13.95
Prawn, Seafood $16.50
14. Khow suway – steamed rice
Small $ 2.50
Large $ 3.00
15. Khow niaw – sticky rice $ 5.00
16. Coconut rice
Small $ 4.00
Large $ 5.00

17. Massaman – massaman curry, coconut cream, potato,
tomato, pumpkin, onion and crushed peanuts
Pork, beef, chicken $13.95
Prawn $16.50

18. Khew whan – green curry, coconut cream, capsicum, carrot,
pumpkin, green beans, bamboo shoot and basil
Pork, beef, chicken $13.95
Prawn $16.50
19. Gang ped – red curry, coconut cream, capsicum,
pumpkin, carrot, green bean, bamboo shoot and basil
Pork, beef, chicken $13.95
Prawn $16.95
20. Panang– Thick tasty curry, coconut cream, green beans, capsicum,
mushroom, pumpkin, bamboo shoot and top with kaffir lime
Pork, beef, chicken
21. Gang phedt–marinated duck with red curry, coconut cream,
cashew nuts, pineapple, and vegetables $16.00

22. Tom yum – spicy & sour soup with mushrooms, lemon grass,
kaffir lime, galangal and coriander
Chicken, Pork $13.95
Prawn $16.50
23. Tom kha – coconut soup with mushrooms, carrot, tomato,
lemon grass, kaffir lime, and coriander
Chicken $13.95
Seafood $16.50
24. Tom jeud – Thai style clear soup, vegetables and seasoning
Chicken, pork, beef $13.95
25. Laksa soup – rice noodle (fried garlic) based on red curry paste
with coconut cream, wombok, coriander, shallots top with crushed peanuts
Chicken $ 13.95
Prawn $ 16.50

26. Somtum – paw paw salad, papaya sliced, lemon juice,
tomato, green bean and crushed peanuts $11.95
27. Labb – eastern Thai salad with onion, shallots, mint and lemon juice + Coriander
Minced Chicken or Minced pork 13.95
28. Yum – Bangkok Thai salad with cucumber, onions, celery
tomato, shallots, coriander and lemon juice
Beef or pork $ 13.95
Seafood $ 16.50
29. Yum raum midd – Thai salad with glass noodles, onions,
cucumber, shallots, tomato, celery and Thai herbs
Beef or pork $ 13.95
Seafood $ 16.50
30 Duck Salad – Marinated duck with chili dressing,red onion, tomato, cucumber, cashews nuts and Thai herbs $ 16.50
31. Rice paper rolls–fresh rice paper rolls with BBQ chicken and salad wrap, serve with Thai sweet chili sauce (3) $ 11.95

32. Pad pak num mun hoy – stir fried vegetables with oyster sauce $ 11.95
33. Gai pad mamaung himma pann – stir fried chicken with mushrooms, cauliflower, capsicum, shallots, cashew nuts carrot, broccoli and onion and chili jam $ 13.95
34. Pad prew whan - sweet and sour stir fried with tomato, pineapple, onion, capsicum, cauliflower and carrot
Chicken, pork or beef $ 13.95
Prawn $ 16.50
35. Pad kra pow – stir fried chili with onion, green beans, capsicum, mushroom and holy basil
Chicken, pork or beef $ 13.95
Prawn, Seafood $ 16.50
36. Pad khing – stir fried ginger with cashew nuts, capsicum, cauliflower, broccoli, onion and shallots
Chicken, pork or beef $ 13.95
Prawn $ 16.50
38.Pad nhue num mun hoy – stir fried beef with onion, cauliflower, broccoli, shallots, carrot, capsicum & mushroom $13.95
39.Pad satay–stir fried vegetables seasoned with home- made satay sauce
Chicken, pork or beef $ 13.95
Prawn $ 16.50
40.Pad prik gang squid – Stir-fried squid with chili paste, green beans, onion and capsicum + Basil $16.50
41.Pad prik gang nhue – stir fried beef with chili paste, green beans,
carrot and potato $ 13.95

42.Pad gai nhou mai – stir fried chicken with bamboo, egg and
seasoned vegetables + basil $ 13.95

43.Kay jiaw – Thai style seasoned omelet with sliced tomato coriander, shallots
Minced Chicken, Minced Pork $14.95

44.Sua rong hai (crying tiger) – sliced beef marinated and Thai style barbeque, served on a sizzling plate with spicy hot chili north eastern style sauce $16.00

All food is made in this kitchen ~ especially our entrees. Aoi's Thai fishcake is a must try.

Try Aio's Pad Thai and you will know that you've tasted the real Pad Thai. Som Tum (or Papaya Salad) is highly recommended for Thai food lovers.

Please let us know how you prefer your food in terms of chilli. We can make any dish from mild to hot or even Thai hot. Also lots of dishes have no chillies.

We provide lots of vegetarian dishes, so please let us know if you're strictly vegetarian, vegan, and ova lacto vegetarian or just semi-vegetarian. If you have a gluten free diet, we have a few dishes for you to choose from. Please let us know if you're allergic to any ingredients, like peanuts, spices or seafood, or even chilli.

Please let us know how we can improve our service. If you're happy why don't you share this experience with them! Let your friends know, we would love to see you enjoy our Thai food.

Thank you for your order!

Like your Thai? Try my Thai!

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Business Information

Price Range: (0-10)
Dress Code: Casual
General Manager: Joel Cruz
Parking: Street, Parking Lot
Payment Options: Visa, Amex, Mastercard
Serving: Dinner
Restaurant Services: Takes Reservations, Walk-ins, Takeout, Outdoor Seating

Categories: Thai Restaurant


Mon: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Tue: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm
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Thu: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm
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