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Spiritual Counselling & Well-being Solutions

What is Spiritual Counselling?

For many people, spiritual beliefs are very important - and these people may not be too far off. Some researchers, for instance, equate a person’s wellbeing with the combined health of a person’s mind, body, and soul. Perhaps this is why a spiritual crisis in some people’s lives may result in upheaval and crises in the rest of their lives.

Spiritual Counselling: addresses clients’ search for meaning and purpose in their lives. Spiritual and existential issues in counselling surface when people try to make sense of their lives, especially during moments of existential crises, trauma, major loss, death, sickness and life transitions. Each client is seen as an individual the sessions are non-prescriptive and individually tailored.

Having awareness of a spiritual identity; - we are all more than our personalities and our problems.

Faith in Self; - that we have within us the wisdom to make the right choices.

Faith in potential; - that every situation has a potential for growth.

Faith in the journey; - that our lives have meaning.

Faith in Spirit; - that we are truly Spiritual Beings.

Spiritual Palliative Counselling: Often the emotional pain and stresses associated with advancing illness or death can be as difficult to deal with as physical symptoms. Jenna Luv Lee, MSW, BSW & Spiritual Counsellor, offers a wide range of compassionate and professional counselling services for patients and families facing progressive illness, death and bereavement.

All my registered clients and their families can receive support in their homes or on their palliative care unit to assist with emotional, psychological or spiritual issues, as well as practical matters such as financial, funeral and care planning.

Spiritual Career Guidance: “…the human experience only begins to make deep and profound sense when we begin to consciously participate in the process that we are already a part of.” Andrew Cohen

It is ongoing Spiritual support individualized just for you to help you better understand your Soul’s Journey and start walking your own Spiritual Path.

Many of us feel there is more to life and love but simply feel stuck as to how to find it. While we may be successful in our careers our spiritual life seems to be lacking and we feel compelled to understand what exactly is missing.

By working with me for your Spiritual Career Guidance, we are able to gain perspective on this information, as I provide tools and “projects” that helps get you back on your Spiritual Path.
We are all incarnated to the earth to learn lessons. We chose to incarnate with no memories of past lives but often carry the “energy” of past lives with us. Some of these energies help us and some may hinder. Spiritual Career Guidance helps you to uncover and understand these blockages so that you may move powerfully forward.

Spiritual Career Guidance will help you by:
Discovering your soul’s journey
Identifying and removing blockages that affect your spiritual path
Understanding how your past lives may affect this lifetime and the knowledge they provide, Better communicating with your Guides.

Psychic Medium Reading: Working with clients throughout the world, Jenna is a natural born Medium (meaning she has been sensitive to spirit energy since birth). She uses her gift as a Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic and her knowledge and skills as a Life and Grief Counsellor is to help you live a better life!

Jenna has been communicating with the spirit world since she was four. She has dedicated her life to being a messenger for spirit and is passionate about helping others through grief. Jenna is a voice, a channel for your loved ones, a link to the other side and is a professional in her field.

Jenna is also a certified Life and Grief Practitioner, she holds a Diploma in Nursing, Masters and Bachelors in Social Work, she is certified in Mental Disorder and Crime, and is also certified in Holistic Palliative Care Management and holds a Diploma in Business Management.

Jenna has spent a number of years studying psychology and personal and business development.

Being a Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Counsellor, Jenna gives clear and verifiable messages from spirit and your loved ones, provides evidential information from spirit, clarifies certain questions and passes along advice that can guide you. She has education in psychology and business, extensive training and life experiences, proven psychic and mediumship abilities, has been chatting with the spirit world since she was 4 years-old, has lived through some unimaginable situations and all of that cumulated, made her realize that she was blessed with these abilities, knowledge and gifts - for one purpose. So she can help you live your best life!

Jenna is able to help you:

•find and experience peace after a personal loss;

•heal and receive guidance, clarity and answers from loved ones in spirit;

•release past emotions and blocks (and help you move forward);

•overcome loss of a relationship, marriage, or loved one;

•foster nurturing and loving relationships (both with others and yourself);

•reclaim your personal power;

•increase your self-esteem;

•move towards success in your personal and professional life;

•move forward after loss of a job, abuse or a sudden health discovery;

•re-discover your dreams and coach you to start living them again;

•learn how to trust again;

•find happiness and personal enrichment;

While her (spirit) world is deeply connected and powerful, she simplifies the information and makes it work for you – in today’s world.

She takes all the information from spirit, the signs and all the messages from your loved ones and she applies it to you, she provides you with messages spirit has chosen to give you.

What she receives and ultimately shares with you, is all centered around love and truth, it is intended to give you the answers you need and the answers you’ve been searching for.

I am a practicing Counsellor, Social Worker & Nurse with a solid educational background in the field of psychotherapy & spirituality.

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