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Clairvoyant On Line

“Hello, welcome to Clairvoyant On Line. My name is Dakini Wild, I am Clairvoyant, Medium and Psychic. It would be an honour to be of service to you to provide you with clarity, direction, insight and to assist you
to awaken your full potential and Life Purpose. I am a clear channel and work with integrity, love and in direct alignment with the Divine Feminine.
Please feel free to ring for a chat if you have any questions about receiving a Soul Reading or my experience and expertise in the areas of Clairvoyance, Spiritual Healing and Mediumship.
Dakini Wild specialises in clairvoyance, channelling and connection with loved ones that have passed over. She also provides rare healing opportunities for women and men through her business Wild Women Spirit.
Dakini coaches, mentors and inspires individuals to reach their full potential and to their lives to the fullest. She calls to all individuals who ache to be creative long for self-expression and want to free themselves.
She calls to all people who would like to live their truth and awaken their Power. Dakini believes that within every woman and man there lives a powerful force, filled with passion, fire,
creativity and wisdom. This compelling energy is symbolic of the instinctual nature which is inside us all.
She is the eternal essence of the divine feminine. She is intuitive, primitive and powerful.
The energy of the Wild Woman has become an endangered species due to society's attempt to mould
us into rigid roles. Dakini's work assists individuals to break from these rigid roles in order to live authentically.

Dakini Wild is a gifted Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic, Healer and Transformative Educator. She works directly with the energy of the Divine Feminine. From a young age Dakini has communed with Spirit and draws strength, resiliency and wisdom from her life experiences. Dakini says..."We all have an innate ability to heal ourselves on all levels of our being. And that life is not something that just happens to us. We are the Creators of our own movie, and that our reality is a product of our thoughts and beliefs. Awakening to our Divine Power and Purpose does not have to be a painful process and that it can be an exciting, profound journey of renewal, self discovery and empowerment. It can be a magical rite of passage into experiencing our deepest unique-self. I am honoured to offer my gifts to assist, support and inspire you to not only reach your full potential but to offer guidance and healing on your journey."

A Soul Reading is an energetic reading of your blue print, the deepest most authentic aspect of yourself, your soul. This expression of 'you' holds your highest potential, your special gifts and talents, the memories of all past life times and the lessons you are learning in this life time. The intention of a Soul Reading is to awaken your Personal Power, your Highest Potential, and to awaken your deepest heart's purpose and desire. By aligning your personality self with your Higher Self in order to fully ignite Your Soul for you to live a life based on your deepest truth, allowing for joy, magic and miracles to enter your life.
Receiving a Soul Reading can be very healing and can bring about great change in your life by showing to you where your blocks are and what thoughts or beliefs, or past experiences need to be healed in order for you to be open to allowing abundance, joy and prosperity into your life.

By ustilising my gifts of Clear Seeing (Clairvoyance) & Clear Feeling (Clairsentience)

I will gently guide you through a magical right of passage (held in a space of safety and nurturing) into your deepest authentic self to awaken and ignite your passion and life purpose. Along with, using my gifts 'spiritual sight' I am able to view the Akashic Records along with reading your energy system to see your Souls Journey over time allowing for a stream of multidimensional energy and information to come through, like viewing different channels on television.

The following information can come through in a Soul Reading;

*Animal Guides, Totems and Spirits
*The Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Spirit: how these are at play within your life and psyche
*Spirit Guides
*Connection with Loved ones in the Spirit World
*Past Lives
*Lessons Learning in this Life time
*Archetypal Energy around you and coming into your life
*Life Purpose and Soul Calling Work: Your Special Gifts and Talents
*The Chakras: any emotional imbalances blocks in the energy system

A small ritual at the beginning of the session takes place and then I simply sit in front of you and tune into your energy and receive information clairvoyantly, visually like seeing a movie on a screen. It is normal and common to have some form of emotional release throughout the session. This is not to be judged and is part of the blockages being freed energetically. Please allow between 45 minutes - 1 hour for your reading.

The investment for a Soul Reading is $150 for1 hour

*Credit card payments via Pay Pal (you do not need a pay pal account to pay via credit card)
*Internet Banking transfer deposit

Once you have decided you would like to receive a Soul Reading and have booked your appointment it is common to have 'Resistance to Healing' surface. It is important to be aware of this as a normal part of preparation for your energies to shif and realign. If you have a particular issue that you would like to address in the reading I ask that you write out exactly what the issue is and relating questions and what it is you would like clarity on. I also ask that you bring this with you to the Reading.

After a reading you may feel either quiet emotional or have a high level of energy. Emotional release after the session is a normal reaction to the healing and realignment of your energy system. I encourage clients to journal, to take gentle walks, and do what they need to do to in order to nurture themselves. Please allow for feelings and emotions to bubble up and move through you. Drink lots of water, and have very quiet time, avoid harsh environments, alcohol and surround yourself with gentleness. Also be aware of your dreams, pay attention to dream images and symbols up to 3 days after receiving a Reading. Along with, animals appearing to you and any synchronicities.

3 days before the full moon and 3 days after are peak energy times and I encourage clients if they are wanting to come for a reading to come around this time if they can. As the magnetic energy of the moon amplifies the energy of a Soul Reading and adds to the depth and sacredness of the session.

Do something out of the ordinary and treat yourself to receiving a Soul Reading in the majestic Cairns Botanic Gardens or Palm Cove. Meeting place arranged by request.

If you don't have access to Skype these sessions are also available by telphone.
Sessions and Services offered by Dakini Wild:

*SOUL READINGS (Full Moon or New Moon)




Mediumship readings are offered either by telephone, face to face or by email. For the telephone readings you will need to email me a photograph of your loved one prior to the reading. For readings via email, I ask that you email me the photograph along with an email outlining any questions you may have.



Offered either by telephone, skype or via email



These vibrational essences are specifically designed as Energy healing medicine to clear your Chakra's. They offer profound healing and change to occur. Their intention is to nurture the feminine principle within back into balance and wholeness
They also bring balance to the water element and Sacral chakra aiding in creative and authentic expression.
Available in essence drops and aura sprays.

Please go to our website to see the upcoming workshops and events

These sessions are offered either for one on one or for groups

Individual Sessions for Women

For further information please go to our website or phone us.

If you are interested in an individual healing session (face to face or via phone or Skype)
or to book a Soul Reading please call 0432 147 691 or email
Love and Light Dakini.


What other's have said about Dakini Wild’s Clairvoyant Soul Readings

“I live in Switzerland and I had a reading with Dakini by telephone, I found the accuracy and professionalism absolutely spot on. As I’ve had readings previously to this which were a waste of money and time. She was not!”
Chris Hannaford, Switzerland

“Dakini’s Soul Reading session was the most beautiful communication of this sort I’ve ever had (many now, over past decades), and so accurate. I had a sense of wondrous energies swirling around us the entire session, and for days afterwards – and this was in the context of some rather complex life-changing issues. These spiralling energies were quiet something – deeply deeply peaceful yet powerful, with an extraordinary sense of flowing motion and colour, even around deep sadness of personal loss. Dakini’s conscious connection certainly clarified and focused my optimal life path – and provided a wonderful compass by which I am currently steering through some rather lumpy circumstances and events. She has great spiritual connection and integrity, and I will make a point of seeing her when I’m next in Australia.”
Margy, New Zealand

"This past week has been what I term a "Personal Growth Spurt"! I did a soul reading over the telephone with Dakini, and so glad I did, as I've been able to apply the insights from the reading into making decisions and manifesting visions that were months - to years - overdue. These centred around life purpose, future directions and love (probably a very common ask from women). I've had a couple of different readings before, each felt right, and I wasn't particularly in a rush to do one again, but I went in very open, on the recommendation of a friend - and happily recommend Dakini here.

To begin with, the description about me (my personality, my talents, my strengths and weaknesses) were spot on. I also sent through a photo of a friend and Dakini picked her situation, and strong personality, immediately. Dakini's ability to identify things and return my awareness to them (after such dormancy) is what I describe as a reawakening. The reading was beautiful - very positive, supportive and constructive. I felt empowered during and after, and felt that everything she offered was with the most loving of intentions; her voice reminded me of someone I knew. What surprised me most were the days following the reading. I went into decisions with ease and conviction; new opportunities directly related to my focus arose - and; I had a few instances where I could employ her tips, eg. sending back feelings that aren't mine to the actual owner (rather than absorbing), with love. I would say openness is required, as I really didn't know much about totems, but have since researched their symbolism, and am quite amazed at the aptness of the ones linked to me - it's a great visual and metaphoric way to gain understanding, so I'm quite thankful for this new area to explore. I made a point of being prepared before the reading with my intentions, and afterward have increased my meditation on the things I wanted to gain clarity on. I've even written a ten year plan for the first time ever - after downloading them and having every intention to for about a decade! Thanks so much Dakini!"


"Dakini presented me with a phone reading like no other. The psychology within this reading was so therapeutic with many wise suggestions to deal with issues that came up. She enabled me to ask many questions to which she took time to view pictures that I had emailed of the people of which my questions related. Then she came with such insight to their individual personalities and issues that involved us all. This too we discussed and came up with wonderful practical measures to meet my goals. Even without a photo, just with a first name and how they were related to a particular situation was astoundingly accurate. This wonderful caring soul was instantly able to relax me and speak to me as a friend with so much empathy. I felt I could ask and talk about anything. As things unfolded over the next few days, all was as she had said, but with the insight, the dark times were so much easier to handle and I was able to let them glide by in a great sense of well being where as if I hadn't been warned, I would have fallen into such a state of depression, not knowing what was going on. She was able to spare me that pain.
Nothing is a coincidence, so when I saw her ad I felt such a drawing to it I rang immediately, Lol! Something I wouldn't normally do. When I think of her, it is with a smile on my face, and a warm glow in my heart. Thankyou dear Dakini, and Bless you for your guidance.

“The first time I went to see Dakini Wild, I was nervous at the thought of having a soul reading done, but she was welcoming and calming. After giving myself permission to be there, I felt an instant connection and energy. She picked up past-life connections as well as current-life connections that have made a lot of things more clear to me. I have always felt a part of myself was missing or forgotten and she has helped to show me what that part is. That part of me has been surfacing in dreams ever since. I believe going to see Dakini was the beginning of a journey I needed to take and one that will set my future life course.

I was so impacted by my first soul reading with Dakini that I have been seeing her once a week since for one-on-one Wild Woman healing sessions. Dakini devotes herself to bringing out the authentic power in every woman, even if you don’t know it’s there. I feel grounded and heard in a way I never have before. I’m excited about this journey and I can’t wait to see what unfolds as a result.”
Eva, Cairns

“I had a Full Moon Soul Reading with Dakini. Wow! What an experience. It was wonderful, amazing and healing. She made me feel comfortable and welcome and everything she talked about was so very accurate. It was very powerful. I really loved the full moon energy and the sacred goddess energy and the earth energy. It was such a very powerful experience, too difficult to put into words. Thankyou Dakini for sharing your gifts with the world.”
Medium and Workshop Facilitator at Spirit Moments

“I had a Reading with Dakini to get some answers and clarity for a few of my life's repetitive questions. Not only did Dakini answer all the questions I had, but also provided insight and understanding and was able to give me additional answers and guidance. I now walk with confidence knowing everything is ok and I now know what path to follow and that is the path of my Soul. Dakini is sincere, wise, honest and loving. I absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to gain healing and clarity in their life.”
Karly Chandler

Dakini is an extremely gifted Clairvoyant and Medium. She channeled messages from the spirit world for me which changed my life. She has an amazing ability to tune in and get messages from the other side. I recommend Dakini’s sessions to anyone that is searching for truth and for spirit.
Leah Hunt

"The lovely Dakini. Thank you for welcoming me into your safe and comfortable sacred space. Our connection was amazing and everything that came up for me was already so much a part of my life. Thank you. I look forward to meeting with you again and joining other wild women on my journey through the wild women gatherings and workshops. I highly recommend Dakini for any woman wanting to touch and experience their soul in a safe environment with a truly wild woman.”
Bless x

"Dakini you are amazing! Receiving a telephone reading with you Dakini was rewarding, inspiring and so clarifying. Thankyou so much for your guidance and insight, I will definately be phoning you again. Thankyou again Dakini with all my soul. x x x"

Clairvoyant Readings via Telephone, Face to Face, Skype & Email. Providing Accurate, Quality, Confidential and Professional Services World Wide

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